Token Board

What is a token board?

A token board is a form of reinforcement that allows your child to go longer periods of time without tangible or edible reinforcement.

Who can use a token board?

Every child can learn to use a token board with proper training.

What can the token board be used for?

Anything you want! The purpose of a token board is reinforcement. It can be used to during work time with your child or for your child to have a good day at school. The possibilities are endless!

What can my child earn?

Anything! What your child earns depends on your child and what they are earning tokens for. If your child is earning tokens during work time they can earn a small reinforcer once they earn the tokens-a few pieces of candy, a couple minutes with a toy, a couple minutes of break time. If your child is earning tokens over a longer period of time (a token each day for a good day at school) your child can earn a larger reward, a new toy, a special trip to a restaurant, watching a special movie. Make a list of the reinforcers your child might like to earn and then offer them a choice. It is important to remember-YOUR CHILD MUST PICK THE REINFORCER. You would not work at your job if your boss told you were working for broccoli-you choose to work for money. It is the same for your child.

How many tokens should my child earn?

The number of tokens your child earns will vary and increase as time goes on. Your child may start by earning a few tokens and as time goes on and they become accustomed to using the token board you can slowly increase the number of tokens earned.

How do I do it?

Once you have determined what the token board is for and what the reward options are you can implement the token board. If your child is able to understand it, explain to them what the token board is for. Each time your child earns a token (see below for more specific information) have them put a token on. Once the token board is full count the tokens with your child. Even if your child cannot count, count it with them. Show them the reinforcer they earned and give it to them. If using the token board for work, remove the tokens, and after a couple of minutes take back the reinforcement and start again.

Task completion-Your child earns a token for each correct response during learning time. If your child is working on identifying shapes-if they get it correct give them a token.

Task completion (higher level)-Your child earns a token for each task completed. After they complete the writing program they get a token. After they complete the colors program they get a token.

Homework-Your child earns a token each night they complete their homework. After they receive the assigned number of tokens, they receive the reward.

Behavior-If your child is having trouble behaving at school you can implement the token board so that they earn a token each day when they get home if they do not have any behaviors. After they receive the assigned number of tokens, they receive the reward.

What if my child doesn’t understand?

If your child is very young or just starting out with a token board they may need training on a token board. You may need to begin using the token board by giving a small edible reinforcer with every token. They still earn the reward after they receive all the tokens, but they may need more immediate reinforcement in the beginning. Once your child starts to understand that getting all the tokens gives them the reward you can start giving the edibles every couple of times. You may notice your child understands the token board when they are looking at the token board more frequently, asking for the reward, or trying to put on tokens when they haven’t earned them. In the beginning use the token board as frequently as possible so they learn it quickly.

Can I use the token board for something else?

Token boards can be used for anything. Some children can handle 1 token board and other children can handle a couple of token boards. What they are using them for must be different. It will depend on your child and their level of understanding. You can also change what your child is earning tokens for. Your child may start earning tokens for task completion. After a while of using the token board your child may no longer need it during work time, you can change the token board for doing something different like washing their hands each time after using the bathroom.

Remember a token board can be used for ANYTHING! Click here to purchase a token board.

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