Object Counting

Counting is an important math skill that kids learn at a young age. Learning to count objects can be a little more difficult, but leads into much higher level math skills.


Different materials-anything you can find around the house

Playdoh (optional)

Quart size Ziploc bag-zipper top is best for independence

Bag label & schedule icon (download here) (optional)


You can choose to keep the materials separate so you don’t have to pull together materials every time.

Print out the bag label and attach it to the outside of the Ziploc bag


Playdoh-make small playdoh balls and as your child counts them they should squish the ball with their finger.

Toys-Lay out the toys and have them count them

Snack-Tell your child to take a certain number of snack items (crackers) and then have them count them out.

Around the house-Walk around the house and count how many items there are

Name-Count how many letters are in their name or other words

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