Lacing is a great activity to help build fine motor skills. Kids can start lacing at a young age and continue lacing for many years by using smaller beads. Lacing can either be done by lacing beads or by using lacing cards. You can also work on building academic skills while lacing by spelling words/names with letter beads, making patterns with different shape or color beads, counting the beads, building vocabulary with different types of lacing cards.



Materials with a hole (beads, macaroni, cheerios/fruit loops)

Lacing Cards (see below)

Gallon size Ziploc bag-zipper top is best for independence

Bag label & picture icon & Container icon (download here) (optional)

Safety/Important information

If your child puts items in their mouth-closely supervise as these items are small

When your child is just learning this activity supervise for proper use and to make sure your child is able to complete the activity

The number of beads you give your child depends on their fine motor abilities. You can gradually add lacing materials to the bag depending on their level, but it’s best to just keep the number they are expected to complete in the bag. This gives the child a clear visual of when the activity will be over.

If your child is working on an independent picture schedule it is important to find the correct item when it is on their schedule and to be able to put it back where it belongs. Show them the icon and the bag as well as where the bag belongs each time you do the activity.


Print out the bag label and attach it to the outside of the Ziploc bag

Gather materials and put them in bags. If you are using food (cheerios/fruit loops/macaroni) it is best to do this activity together and not leave where the child cannot access it.


Independent lacing-string the items on the string

Independent lacing card-lace the card

Math activities

  • write numbers on the lacing card and have them lace in numerical order
  • ask them to lace a certain number of items
  • ask your child to lace a certain number block
  • after they have laced some number blocks/beads ask them what numbers they laced
  • after they lace some items ask them to count how many are on the string

Reading activities

  • Using letter blocks, ask your child to lace a certain letter block
  • After your child strings some letter beads/blocks ask them to read the letters
  • Have them spell their name or words using letter blocks.

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