Fine Motor Activities

A delay in development of fine motor skills can affect children for many years. It is important for young children to develop and improve their fine motor skills from a young age. The best way for young children to develop and improve their fine motor skills is through play and activities. A child will remain more engaged if the fine motor activities are fun and interactive.


There are many toys to help children develop their fine motor skills. Many of these toys also help the child work on building other skills at the same time like sensory and language skills. Although these toys can be helpful, there are many fine motor skills that need development that purchasing a toy to work on all of these skills can be costly. It is best to use basic items, many of which are in your own home, to work on building and improving fine motor skills. Another benefit to completing homemade fine motor activities, instead of just playing with a toy is that created to improve fine motor skills, is that activities can be rotated on a regular basis. It also helps to create your fine motor activities that you can change just a minor aspect of the activity to make it seem new! It also makes it easier to work on developing other skills your child may need to improve.

Many items you can find around your house can be used to develop and improve fine motor skills. Some of these items include:

  • small items-coins, cereal
  • Tupperware containers
  • macaroni
  • pudding or shaving cream
  • string
  • twist top containers
  • ziploc bags (the kind with the zipper)

In order to make activities to work on fine motor skills easy it is best to make a fine motor kit. In the kit it would be best to  have a binder or folder with a list of activities that your child could do so you can check off activities as your child completes them. You can also make notes on how your child does. This way you know activities are being rotated. It may also help to put notes and suggestions from your child’s Occupational Therapist (if they have one) for other fine motor activities to complete. Group each fine motor activity in a ziploc bag or container so you just have to pull out the bag or container to complete the activity.

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