Daily Living Skills Activities

Picture Activity Schedule

A picture activity schedule is a visual schedule that helps an individual follow a routine. Individuals with disabilities often do great with a structured routine. A picture activity schedule can be used for daily routines or as a play schedule. The goal is to give the individual the schedule and they complete the routine without …Continue reading →

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a skill that can be started at a young age. Kids as early as 2 and 3 start hand washing at preschool/daycare. It is good to begin early and teach thoroughness from the beginning. Materials Sink Soap Towel Hand washing picture schedule (optional) Safety Be sure to supervise your child as they …Continue reading →

Tooth brushing

Tooth brushing is a skill that takes a while to learn and is best taught by chaining-learning the whole routine in steps before learning the next one. Materials Toothbrush Toothpaste Tooth brushing picture routineĀ (optional) Safety Teaching your child to spit is a very difficult skill for any child. This is especially true for a child …Continue reading →