Picture Activity Schedule

A picture activity schedule is a visual schedule that helps an individual follow a routine. Individuals with disabilities often do great with a structured routine. A picture activity schedule can be used for daily routines or as a play schedule. The goal is to give the individual the schedule and they complete the routine without …Continue reading →

Animal Actions

Animal actions are a great way to work on gross motor skills and there is no equipment needed! Animal actions help work on gross motor skills, but also work on language skills by making the animal sounds. You can also incorporate academic concepts into the activity! Materials: Pictures of animals Animal Action Songs Prep Print …Continue reading →


Lacing is a great activity to help build fine motor skills. Kids can start lacing at a young age and continue lacing for many years by using smaller beads. Lacing can either be done by lacing beads or by using lacing cards. You can also work on building academic skills while lacing by spelling words/names …Continue reading →

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a skill that can be started at a young age. Kids as early as 2 and 3 start hand washing at preschool/daycare. It is good to begin early and teach thoroughness from the beginning. Materials Sink Soap Towel Hand washing picture schedule (optional) Safety Be sure to supervise your child as they …Continue reading →

Object Counting

Counting is an important math skill that kids learn at a young age. Learning to count objects can be a little more difficult, but leads into much higher level math skills. Materials Different materials-anything you can find around the house Playdoh (optional) Quart size Ziploc bag-zipper top is best for independence Bag label & schedule …Continue reading →

Pompom Pinching

Pompom Pinching is a quick and fun way to work on developing a pincer grasp. Materials Pompoms (order here) Strawberry huller (order here) Quart size Ziploc bag-zipper top is best for independence Bag label & picture icon & Container icon (download here) (optional) Safety/Important information If your child puts items in their mouth-closely supervise as …Continue reading →

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a fun and great way of working many muscles throughout the body to develop gross motor skills. You can work on one skill or many skills to complete the course. An obstacle course can be set up in any way you want and can be changed every time or can be …Continue reading →

Song Time

Music is very enjoyable activity for many children. Singing songs is a great way to develop language and vocabulary. Many children with special needs learn skills better when put with music. Even if your child cannot talk, they still can participate in song time. Singing songs with them may encourage your child to try to …Continue reading →

Tooth brushing

Tooth brushing is a skill that takes a while to learn and is best taught by chaining-learning the whole routine in steps before learning the next one. Materials Toothbrush Toothpaste Tooth brushing picture routineĀ (optional) Safety Teaching your child to spit is a very difficult skill for any child. This is especially true for a child …Continue reading →

Choice Making

Choice making is a beginning step for communication. Even if your child is not able to tell you what they want, by teaching them to make a choice making, they are learning the beginning steps. Materials Reinforcing/preferred items Distracter items (items your child would not want) Prep Make sure you have items your child would …Continue reading →