Animal Actions

Animal actions are a great way to work on gross motor skills and there is no equipment needed! Animal actions help work on gross motor skills, but also work on language skills by making the animal sounds. You can also incorporate academic concepts into the activity!



  • Print pictures of animals
  • Laminate the pictures for durability and to incorporate other skills (see below)

Safety Information

  • Make sure you closely supervise your child during all activities
  • Do not push them beyond their physical capabilities-could cause injury


  • Animal Actions-Have your child pick a card and move like the animal on the card
  • Animal Sounds-Have your child pick a card. As they are moving like the animal have them make the sound the animal makes. Another option is to lay out some cards and ask your child to move like the animal that says ___.
  • Incorporating skills-Use a dry erase marker draw a letter, number, shape, color, items to count on the back of the animal card. When your child picks the card ask them to identify the item on the back of the card and then they can act like the animal. Another option is to draw on the back of the cards. Lay out a couple cards and ask them to find the card with a specific item on it (find the card with the circle). They then act like the animal on the card.
  • Animal action songs-Have an animal dance party! Greg and Steve are great movement CDs and they have a couple of animal action songs on the CD Kids in Motion

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